Surah Al-Inshiqaaq: Verse 4 - وألقت ما فيها وتخلت... - English

Tafsir of Verse 4, Surah Al-Inshiqaaq

وَأَلْقَتْ مَا فِيهَا وَتَخَلَّتْ

English Translation

And has cast out that within it and relinquished [it]

English Transliteration

Waalqat ma feeha watakhallat

Tafsir of Verse 4

and casts forth what is in it, and voids itself,

And casts forth what is within it and becomes (clean) empty,

وَأَلْقَتْ مَا فِيهَا وَتَخَلَّتْ (and it will throw up whatever it contains, and will become empty...84:4) The earth will, with one convulsion, throw up whatever it contains in its belly, whether natural treasures or buried treasures, or mines, or dead human bodies and their remains and particles.

Verse 4 - Surah Al-Inshiqaaq: (وألقت ما فيها وتخلت...) - English