Surah Al-Muzzammil: Verse 14 - يوم ترجف الأرض والجبال وكانت... - English

Tafsir of Verse 14, Surah Al-Muzzammil

يَوْمَ تَرْجُفُ ٱلْأَرْضُ وَٱلْجِبَالُ وَكَانَتِ ٱلْجِبَالُ كَثِيبًا مَّهِيلًا

English Translation

On the Day the earth and the mountains will convulse and the mountains will become a heap of sand pouring down.

English Transliteration

Yawma tarjufu alardu waaljibalu wakanati aljibalu katheeban maheelan

Tafsir of Verse 14

upon the day when the earth and the mountains shall quake and the mountains become a slipping heap of sand.

One Day the earth and the mountains will be in violent commotion. And the mountains will be as a heap of sand poured out and flowing down.

يَوْمَ تَرْجُفُ الْاَرْضُ وَالْجِبَالُ وَكَانَتِ الْجِبَالُ كَثِيْبًا مَّهِيْلًا (on the Day when the earth and the mountains will quake, and the mountains will turn into a slipping heap of sand. [ 14] We have sent to you a messenger, as a witness over you, just as We sent a messenger to Fir'aun (the Pharaoh). [ 15] Then, Fir'aun disobeyed the messenger; so We seized him with a severe seizure. [ 16] So, if you disbelieve, how will you save yourself from a day that will turn the small boys into grey-headed old men...17).

These verses describe the horrors and terrors of the Day of Resurrection. Verse [ 14] describes that the punishment will take place on the Day when the earth and mountains will shake and the mountains will be reduced to a heap of dust or shifting dunes. Thereafter, reference is made to the story of Musa (علیہ السلام) and Fir'aun in order to threaten the pagans of Makkah. Allah sent a Messenger, Muhammad ﷺ ، to bear witness against the pagans of Makkah just as He sent a Messenger, Musa (علیہ السلام) to Fir'aun. But Fir'aun disobeyed Musa (علیہ السلام) and Allah seized him with terrible severity right in this world. Likewise, if the pagans of Makkah persist stubbornly in their pagan conduct, they too can be seized similarly with terrible severity in this very world. Towards the conclusion, the verse says that if no torment is inflicted in this world, no one can escape the horrors and terrors and length of the Day of Resurrection that will turn the children grey. This could be a metaphor for the most calamitous happenings which bring about disastrous changes. But some scholars say that this is a description of reality, in that the Day of Resurrection will be so long that a little child will grow old. [ Qurtubi and Ruh ].

Verse 14 - Surah Al-Muzzammil: (يوم ترجف الأرض والجبال وكانت الجبال كثيبا مهيلا...) - English